An agency that
acts with agency

We hold ourselves accountable to remain confident in our convictions, flexible in our execution, and insatiably curious when it comes to new innovations.

No one’s ever
won a race by “keeping the pace”

In 2008, Marc and Jason Debiak had a realization: everything around us is ugly. We need to make it look better. With that ambitious mission in mind, Paper Tiger was born…. less than a year after the release of the iPhone (yes, that long ago), when responsive design took the world by storm. 

So we knew immediately (and adjusted accordingly) that there was a tech tsunami on the horizon—and early adoption was our only way forward.

For the last 16 years, we’ve been among the first to master new technologies—WordPress, Figma, Webflow, and now AI, to name a few—long before they became the talk of the town. 

With a commitment to constant evolution and process improvement, we’ve lent our refined expertise to major projects for some of the world’s most prominent brands—from overhauling complex custom CMS systems for well-known publishers, to partnering with ground-breaking startups at naming and inception, all the way to rebranding after acquisition.

We lean on collective expertise, never individual strengths

Nothing brings more value to creative work than diverse perspectives. Our team comes from vastly different backgrounds and parts of the world—so they come to the table from different schools of thought. We embrace that contrast to approach every problem, project, and progression from multiple viewpoints, each influencing how we get where we need to go.

Jason Debiak

Chief Creative Officer

Marc Debiak

Chief Executive Officer
Jason and Marc Debiak

Our partnerships are the backbone of our process