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Hi-Rez Studios has been a trailblazer in the gaming world since 2005, known for hits like Tribes: Ascend and Paladins. As they geared up to launch SMITE 2, a groundbreaking MOBA designed for all platforms, they tapped us to create an online hub that not only matched the game's dynamic interface but also resonated with its dark, futuristic feel. This wasn't just about building a website; it was about crafting an experience that mirrored the excitement of the game itself.

The Puzzle

The challenge with SMITE 2 was as thrilling as the game: integrate a slew of new features into a website that needed to be quick to navigate and easy to understand. We needed to design a signup flow that was as intuitive as it was fast, matching the rapid pace set by the game's alpha release. This was a race against time to create a platform that was as informative as it was engaging.

Our Process

Our adventure started with a deep dive into the essence of SMITE 2 during our discovery phase. We weren't just aligning our designs with the game; we were syncing our creative pulse with it. From there, we laid out the site and content structure, and moved on to wireframing—our own twist on 'page layouts.' Using Figma, we developed a style guide and high-fidelity designs that brought the game's world into the web space, ensuring every click brought the user closer to the heart of SMITE 2.


Our final design was a digital echo of SMITE 2’s in-game UI, complete with motion design elements that brought the game's dark and immersive environment to life online. By mirroring the game's interface, we bridged the gap between game and web, enhancing the player's journey across platforms. This project was a tight collaboration every step of the way, and by integrating our teams so closely, we created a cohesive and dynamic online presence that felt like an extension of the game itself.


The unveiling of the SMITE 2 website was a testament to a fantastic partnership. The design has been lauded for its eye-catching visuals and seamless user experience, truly embodying the spirit of the game. This project went beyond mere execution; it was a harmonious collaboration that raised the bar for what game websites can aspire to be. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, proving that great things happen when you sync creative minds with technical prowess.

Dive into the SMITE 2 website and see for yourself how a well-crafted digital experience can enhance a game's world. Interested in bringing a similar vibe to your project? Get in touch with Paper Tiger, where we turn complex challenges into engaging, human-centric solutions.

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