Mirko Santangelo: Pioneering Digital Design with Figma at Paper Tiger

Photo of Mirko Santangelo sitting at a modern desk next to a laptop

At Paper Tiger, innovation and leadership in web design are personified by Mirko Santangelo, our Creative Director. His recent collaboration on a comprehensive Figma course with Domestika highlights our ethos of merging groundbreaking creativity with empowering education. This initiative not only showcases Mirko's proficiency with Figma but also aligns with our ambition to elevate design standards and broaden our knowledge base within the community.

This Figma course is a testament to our collective vision at Paper Tiger to lead the digital design industry forward. By exploring Figma’s extensive capabilities, from interface setup to sophisticated prototyping, Mirko has illuminated a path for both aspiring and seasoned designers. This blend of creativity and education underpins our mission: to set benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

Figma, known for its collaborative and versatile nature, epitomizes the forward-thinking technology that Paper Tiger advocates. Mirko’s mastery of this tool, combined with his eagerness to share his insights, exemplifies our commitment to community growth and the power of learning together. Our partnership with Domestika to realize this course underscores our dedication to accessible, high-quality design education and our belief in leveraging individual strengths to enrich the collective knowledge of the design community.

For those navigating the digital design landscape, Mirko’s Figma course offers more than just a learning opportunity. It’s an invitation to experience the Paper Tiger difference, reflecting our deep commitment to innovation, education, and leadership in design. This initiative is woven into the fabric of our identity, showcasing our approach to not just participating in the design world, but leading it.

We invite you to join us on this journey of design excellence, now with over 6,000 students. Discover how Mirko Santangelo’s mastery of Figma and Paper Tiger’s visionary approach are shaping the future of digital creativity, one design at a time.

Check out Mirko's course here.

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