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Meet Bonusly: A powerhouse transforming workplaces into spaces where recognition and feedback flourish. They had a big idea: to make their online space as vibrant and effective as their solutions. Imagine trying to invite more color and energy into your home but finding the walls too rigid to change. That was Bonusly, stuck with a digital presence that felt a tad too yesteryear for their forward-thinking brand.

The Puzzle

Bonusly’s digital dilemma was like having a library of wisdom locked behind doors that were too heavy to open. Their CMS was a relic, making fresh updates a chore. The design? Let's just say it didn't do their vibrancy justice. Information was there but finding it felt like a treasure hunt without a map. They needed a lighthouse, not just a new coat of paint.

Our Blueprint

Our first step? To really listen. We dove deep into what makes Bonusly tick, imagining ourselves as part of their team to get a true sense of their essence. Our process was like building a dream home, from the initial sketches to picking out the furniture. We laid out the blueprints (site outlines), chose the color schemes (mood boards), and then got to building (Webflow development). Every step was taken hand-in-hand with Bonusly, ensuring the final creation wasn’t just ours but truly theirs.

The Transformation

What we built together with Webflow Enterprise was no short of a digital marvel—fast, sleek, and easy to wander through. We reimagined the architecture to ensure that no visitor would ever feel lost again. The new design? Imagine walking into a room that’s both bold and welcoming, where every corner invites you to explore further. We wove in their corporate yet fun personality with colors and visuals that speak louder than words.

The Victory Lap

The feedback was like applause at the end of a performance. Engagement soared, traffic to the site picked up pace, and most importantly, Bonusly’s team felt at home in their new digital space. It was a testament to what happens when you blend vision with craftsmanship.

Your Invitation

Curious to see this transformation for yourself? Dive into Bonusly’s new digital world. It’s a journey we’re proud of, and we’re ready to guide you on yours.

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