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Platforming our innovation and advancing the future of web design


Webflow empowers Paper Tiger to expand our creativity and accelerate results for our clients

Designing in motion

The Paper Tiger design team is bursting so hard with creative energy, it became a problem. Designing flat files wasn’t enough for us anymore, and we yearned for freedom from templated solutions. What was missing was a visual platform that could enable us to elevate our designs and transform them into dynamic user experiences. That’s where Webflow comes in. 

Webflow allows us to design in browser and create a tangible product in real time. Since motion is built into the platform and Webflow integrates with everything, we can build animations with ease and eliminate technical friction. Webflow is no-code, but power users like us know how to apply custom code to push the platform further without the risk of component breakdown. Now, our design strategy is interactive from ideation, and we have a backbone of tools to concentrate the development and QA workflows.

Our clients love Webflow because the websites we build kick ass, but also because it’s a secure, easy-to-use, hosted solution — so they feel confident, can edit in context, and don’t have to pay third-party hosting fees.


Paper Tiger believes in Webflow so much, it’s where we built our website — the one you’re on right now. We’re a proud member of Webflow’s expert design community and recipient of the Webflow Partner Award for Innovation and Originality. May our web flow hard forever.

Aesthetic Webflow sites that animate big ideas

Paper Tiger, 2021 Webflow Partner Award for Innovation and Originality

Using Webflow as a brainstorming tool

Designing for your own brand is hard. That’s why clients choose us — and why we went through 100 iterations of our site design. Moving the design process onto Webflow was transformative. The platform became a brainstorming tool where we could sandbox experiences and animate new ideas.

Giving our case studies serious moves

One of the key objectives of our redesign was to highlight all the exciting work we do for our clients. There are lots of moments across the site that make us happy, but the Work page hero animation is especially masterful.

Capturing the constant motion of urban real estate

Paper Tiger helped the real estate investment and development firm launch in luxury, with a web design strategy at the nexus of architectural design and financial professionalism.

Animating the jetsetter lifestyle

Championing KAR’s properties, centering their partners, and targeting luxury developers, we designed an ambitious experience that feels like entering an opulent condo or office.


Launching digital campaigns in style

The music encyclopedia and community needed media-rich campaign microsites to promote the content and experience launches of their brand partners. Over our two-year relationship, Paper Tiger has reliably delivered splashy landing pages that generate excitement and engagement.

Aquatic Habitats

Creating a portfolio site that makes a splash

With premium branding, animated storytelling, and gorgeous images, Paper Tiger empowered the fine water features leader to showcase the quality of their work.

Handing off a font of web content with ease

Since the client came to us with “zero technical ability,” Webflow helped us demystify web ownership for a team that wanted to grow online.

Facilitating growth for the fashion industry growth marketers

By elevating their branding into a consistent visual message, Paper Tiger designed an original, impactful site that equals the advisory’s ambitions.

Getting the look — and moving it down the runway

Since Webflow allows sites to trigger actions using custom code, we implemented SVGs to turn our textures and illustrations into looped animations.

Operative Webflow sites that get the job done

Positioning for tech expansion and future investment

We used Check’s payroll IaaS components to visualize the products they enable, add texture to their brand system, and deliver a lead-gen website.

Filling Check’s careers page — and headcount

In addition to packaging a clear employee value prop with compelling cultural messaging, we implemented a custom HR platform integration.

NYC Founder Guide

Enhancing a membership-based website

For the online resource that connects NYC founders with investors, Paper Tiger helped compel account signups and gate members-only content.

Building a logical investor profile inventory

By expanding the Webflow CMS with custom plugins, Paper Tiger made the web-based database function and feel like an app.

Reside Health

Expanding the brand that keeps employees healthy

The expert healthcare service that brings providers to office buildings needed a web framework to deliver their messaging and achieve a solid look.

Removing design barriers — and barriers to growth

Within the parameters of Webflow and without having to tinker with how things work, Paper Tiger designed a scalable component system.

Flow hard with us