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An impactful nerve center for the global impact organization


INCO’s parent website celebrates the organizations and people activating their mission.

  • Creative direction
  • UX/UI design
  • Interaction design
  • Content design
  • Copywriting
Making do-gooders look gooder

Through training, incubation, and impact investing across 50 countries, INCO is building a new global economy based on sustainability and inclusivity. With separate websites dedicated to each arm of their org and a number of their locations, INCO needed a digital HQ to consolidate their messaging, link out to their programs, and highlight the measurable scope of their impact.

Paper Tiger may act too cool for school, but we’re actually a bunch of big ole softies. Displaying global imagery and inspirational content, we captured a free-form yet professional aesthetic for INCO. On the scroll, the design elements come together like a global community uniting for our shared future.


INCO’s website is as bold as their vision. Iterating on the fast-forward angles from their logo, the highly animated experience feels like a better, faster world.


Drag it, spin it, click it.

Maps are so 2000 and late. We designed an interactive globe to teach users more about each INCO location. When you click a pin, a popup serves you the right tidbit of info. Try it out. You know you want to.


Equity can be hard to visualize.

Traditional web design is laid out in hierarchical columns. Paper Tiger tore down those systems and designed a nontraditional grid. Images of peoples’ faces and world capitals scatter the field, creating the impression that solutions to global challenges can arise from anywhere. That we’re in this together.

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