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A young, professional African American male at a desk with tablet, writing on documents. Looks like he's running payroll!

Visualizing infrastructure as a service with tech-forward UI design


Check upgrades their brand and payroll IaaS offering with a site that positions them to scale

  • UI design
  • Interaction design
  • No-code development
  • Content design
A technology website that’s money

Some products aren’t lookers. They’re doers. Check provides payroll infrastructure to people management platforms, with an API, white-label Components, and a dashboard to manage it all. They sell code — building blocks to customize payroll products. How do you make a site out of that?

Check product designers considered the web UX and came to us with framed concepts and initial art direction. Our kind of clients. Paper Tiger became an extension of their team, collaborating as we enhanced their ideas and added texture to the brand system.

We used Check Components to design screenshots that visualize the products their tech enables. Then we combined our custom artwork with Check’s brand elements into a website that achieves their business objectives.


Check is expanding and signing top talent to fuel their growth. Now, their digital experience equals the VCs that back them — and sets them up for future rounds of investment.

A  grid of illustrations that are used on the Check website. They are abstractions of UI software
A  grid of illustrations that are used on the Check website. They are abstractions of UI software


Filling Check’s careers page — and headcount

One of the key goals of the website was to attract and convert competitive candidates. In addition to packaging a clear employee value prop with compelling cultural messaging, we implemented a custom Greenhouse integration to funnel leads to their HR platform.

A screenshot of the Check Careers pageCheck's career page as seen on mobile devicesScreenshots from inside Check's website showcasing the use of purple and blue complimentary colors