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Welcome to Paper Tiger, an elite interactive design agency and certified Webflow expert. Based in New Jersey, we are the confluence of brand vision, design culture, and technical prowess, crafting premium digital experiences for ambitious brands.

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Navigating the digital landscape requires a trusted partner. At Paper Tiger, we offer unparalleled content migration services, ensuring a seamless transition that maintains the integrity of your data while enhancing its accessibility and usability.


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In the realm of digital communication, clarity and resonance are paramount. Our team works intimately with clients to develop a robust messaging strategy, fine-tuning your brand voice to engage your target audience effectively. We also offer website content strategy, brand copywriting, and search engine optimization to ensure your message is heard loud and clear.



As a distinguished creative agency, we excel in delivering captivating designs that are both unique and functional. Our services include brand identity, UX design, UI design, interaction design, graphic design, and art direction. Our development team is adept in technical architecture, full-stack development, responsive web development, no-code development, interactive implementation, and Shopify development, ensuring your website not only looks stunning but also performs optimally.


Our certification as Webflow experts is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Visit our Webflow Profile to explore our portfolio and witness our expertise firsthand. We are more than a web design agency; we are your strategic partner in digital success.

Showcasing Our

At Paper Tiger, our work speaks for itself. We've had the privilege of partnering with a diverse range of clients, delivering bespoke digital solutions that exceed expectations. Here are a few examples of our work:

Furey Financial

With a keen understanding of the financial sector's digital needs, Paper Tiger transformed Furey Financial's website into a sophisticated platform. Using Webflow, we created a seamless user journey, making complex financial information accessible and understandable. The new design mirrors Furey's commitment to high-growth startups, offering a blend of elegance and functionality that speaks to their clientele.


Paper Tiger brought Bonusly's vibrant corporate culture to life online with a complete website overhaul. We used Webflow to create a digital platform that's as engaging and dynamic as the employee recognition solutions Bonusly offers. The redesign highlights Bonusly's unique approach to employee engagement, with a focus on user-friendly navigation and vibrant design elements.

Egglife Foods

Paper Tiger took on the challenge of showcasing Egglife Foods' innovative food products online. Using Webflow, we created a fresh, clean, and intuitive website that highlights the brand's commitment to nutritious alternatives to traditional flour-based foods. The redesign emphasizes the brand's product range and recipes, making it easy for visitors to explore and understand the benefits of Egglife Foods.


Paper Tiger's redesign of the Elementus website was all about showcasing the power and potential of blockchain technology. Using Webflow, we created a sleek, modern platform that makes complex blockchain data accessible and understandable. The redesign emphasizes Elementus' unique blockchain search engine, creating a digital presence that's as innovative as the brand itself.


Paper Tiger's redesign of the Juxtapose website was a creative challenge that we embraced wholeheartedly. Using Webflow, we created a digital platform that reflects Juxtapose's unique approach to investing in technology businesses. The redesign emphasizes the brand's innovative portfolio and forward-thinking investment process.

Proof of Talent

Paper Tiger's redesign of the Proof of Talent website was all about showcasing the brand's unique approach to tech recruitment. Using Webflow, we created a professional, modern platform that makes it easy for both job seekers and companies to understand the value Proof of Talent offers. The redesign emphasizes the brand's deep industry knowledge and extensive network.

Reasonant Link

Paper Tiger's redesign of the Resonant Link website was a project that allowed us to showcase the brand's innovative wireless power solutions. Using Webflow, we created a dynamic, user-friendly platform that makes complex technology accessible and understandable. The redesign emphasizes Resonant Link's diverse applications and unique approach to wireless power.

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