United by Design: Crafting a Brand Book That Inspires Teams

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Every little interaction - be it an email, a casual conversation, or those meetings that could have been an email - molds what your team thinks of your brand. That's where a really sweet brand book comes into play, and being a digital branding agency, it’s something we can’t scream about enough.

Inside the World of Brand Books

Consider your company as a collection of storytellers, each writing a different chapter of your book. Without direction, it's a wild guess whether the stories mesh or clash. Enter the brand book: your playbook for ensuring everyone’s stories not only mesh but also make your brand ready like a Hemingway novel.

It’s essentially your brand’s bible, spelling out your mission, your voice, how you want to come across, and the feelings you want to stir in folks with every interaction. Think of it as a living, breathing thing that grows with your team, turning each person, no matter their role, into a bona fide brand champion.

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Crafting Unity Through Design

Our angle is all about making every single person in your company feel they’ve got a stake in your brand. It's more than just making sure your Instagram matches your website; it's about syncing hearts and minds towards a shared vision. A properly crafted brand book is your ticket to tearing down walls, letting everyone pitch in to the brand’s story.

As a branding company, fans of making this guide a pleasure to explore, not a homework assignment. It should be your go-to, not something you avoid because it's crammed with technical jargon (though we do pack that in there at times… but we try and make it look cool at least.) We aim to make the essence of your brand not just something people know but something they get and embody.

Different sections from the Resonant Link brand book that showcase how easy it is to understand.

Brand Book: More Than a Shelf Decoration

The true value of a brand book shines when it’s part of your daily work. It shouldn't be gathering dust; it should be the go-to for how things are done around your company. From interns to the big bosses, when the brand book becomes the north star, that's when you see its true power.

This approach naturally breeds a culture where doing things right and staying on brand just becomes second nature. When people grasp the 'why' behind your brand’s dos and don'ts, they're more likely to dive in, not because they have to but because it feels right. It turns everyone into a storyteller for your brand.


What’s In a Brand Book, Anyway?

Creating a brand book that captures the essence of your brand and effectively communicates it to your team involves including a whole bunch of sections. Here are a few examples:

  • Brand Story: Dive into your brand's history, mission, vision, and values. This sets the tone for why your brand actually exists and what it stands for.
  • Voice and Tone: Clarify how your brand communicates. Whether it’s friendly, authoritative, or downright sarcastic, outline the nuances of your brand’s voice and tone.
  • Logo Usage: Detail how and where your logo should be used, including size restrictions, color variations, and what not to do.
  • Color Palette: Define your brand’s color scheme with specific color codes to ensure consistency across all digital and print mediums.
  • Typography: Specify the typefaces that represent your brand, including how and when they should be used. We’re type nerds here, so this is a big one.
  • Imagery Style: Describe the style of photography, illustrations, and any other visual elements that complement your brand’s identity. You don’t want someone mixing pictures of boardroom meetings with bad clipart.
  • Brand Application Examples: Show examples of your brand in action, from business cards and letterheads to social media profiles and merchandise.
  • Social Media Guidelines: Outline how your brand should be presented on social media, including voice, tone, hashtags, and types of content to share.

This section of your brand book is your chance to paint a comprehensive picture of your brand’s identity. This ensures that no one will go rogue at your company and generate decks or social media content with bad stock photos or Montserrat font with a drop-shadow on it (yikes.)

Screenshots from the Burial Beer brand book, howcasing use of imagery and color

The Final Word

A comprehensive brand book is essential for keeping your brand’s voice awesome across all platforms. It’s more than a document; it’s a movement, rallying your team under the idea that you’re all wearing Nikes and waiting for the alien overlords to come pick you up (too much?)

Let's craft not just a brand book, but a manifesto that ensures every person in your team is geared up to wave your brand’s flag high and proud, seamlessly weaving your brand’s essence into their everyday.

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