Healthcare Software Web Design

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Case Study


The Dog Days of Outdated Health Care Websites Are Gone

Services we provided

  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • UX/UI Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Full-Stack Development

RoverAI is a catalyst in the healthcare industry, offering employers an opportunity to give their employees health coverage that they actually need (gasp!). With proprietary technology that analyzes risk assessment within employee groups, and a comprehensive one-stop shop marketplace where users can build custom self-funded insurance plans, they’re quickly emerging as the top dogs in alternative health coverage.

They needed a website that lived up to their hype. We build websites. So we met over a plate of spaghetti (Zoom call), and lovingly stared into each other’s eyes as we shared a noodle (signed a contract).

The Project

This was a full-scale effort that leveraged all of our departments: design, content and development. Starting with a robust content strategy that incorporated custom visual content pieces, we laid the road map for an interactive site that would appeal to all Rover’s users, from TPAs, to employees, to employers. Our design team took the reins to build out a stunning UX that included easy to download demos, a robust resource library, and an animated experience that all but hand-wrote an invitation to visitors to reach out. Our dev team flexed their custom code muscles to bring it to life, and the result is better than a belly rub on top of a milk bone buffet.