Ecommerce Branding

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Pro Sound Effects
Case Study


An ecomm experience that’s totally crystal-tap cymbal-crash

Services we provided

  • Creative Direction
  • Information Architecture
  • Shopify Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Identity Design

Who puts the buzz in Rey’s lightsaber? The pow in Creed’s punch? The boom in the explosions The Rock is always somehow walking away from unscathed in slo mo? Allow us to introduce Pro Sound Effects and their team of sound designers, who came to us in need of terabytes of multispectral, high-quality audio FX at their fingertips. Lucky for us, we were just the right digital partner to put their sonic libraries and workflow solutions in front of the biggest brands in entertainment. Here. we. go.

The Project

Seamlessly integrating the PSE Shopify store into a clean, techy Wordpress site, we delivered a web strategy full of bells and whistles that strike a serious chord with the sound nerds of the world. From exploring collections by the best sound designers in the world to checking out with loaded carts, the experience is so frictionless, it’ll render you speechless (soundless?).

Need a Shopify experience with some oomph?