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Pro Sound Effects


An ecomm experience that’s totally crystal-tap cymbal-crash


PSE hit a dulcet tone and amplified sales through their spankin’ new site. Ka-ching.

  • Creative direction
  • UX/UI design
  • Information architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Shopify development
  • Brand identity design
Sounds good to us

Who puts the buzz in Rey’s lightsaber? The pow in Creed’s punch? The boom in the explosions the Rock is always slo-mo-walking away from?

Sound designers need terabytes of multispectral, high-quality audio FX at their fingertips. Pro Sound Effects needed a digital partner to put their sonic libraries and workflow solutions in front of the biggest brands in entertainment. Paper Tiger whooshed onto the scene.

Seamlessly integrating the PSE Shopify store into a clean, techy WordPress site, we delivered a web design strategy full of bells and whistles that strike a serious chord with sound nerds.


From exploring collections by the best sound designers in the world to checking out with loaded carts, the experience is so frictionless, it doesn’t make a sound. JK, it’s all like, “and the crowd goes wild ahhh.”

Technically speaking, this site is a beast — one that we tamed.

Paper Tiger engineered the PSE Shopify store to use digital delivery, emailing buyers unique download credentials. Customers can log into their accounts to redownload purchases and shop for more libraries, simply and securely.

There are lots of ways to buy sounds: single downloads, specialty libraries (think “Industrial sounds with soul”), and general bundles. To create the most evocative soundscapes, designers need a way to combine and price the necessary files from multiple sources. That means complex pricing calculators which, yeah, we built.


Just look at this intuitive information architecture.

Have you ever seen nav menus so helpful and human? We did that.


Our software branding hits a high note.

PSE’s secret weapon is SoundQ, their audio library workflow software with lightning-fast search, so designers can find the perfect file and drop it right into their editor. As a key recurring revenue stream, SoundQ needed a logo that fit in the PSE family while communicating its unique value prop. Paper Tiger was all over it.

We started with PSE’s soundwave and blue circle brand mark. For SoundQ, we projected those waves outward like a beacon. The rainbow gradient Q anchors the mark, radiating the software’s multispectral sonic offering and converging on a central access point.

How do you sell sounds? Give users something to click on.

PSE’s sounds are bundled into libraries with names like “Cinematic winds” and “Submerged.” Productizing these libraries required clickable cover art, like digital album covers.

We did a bunch of them and think they turned out pretty sweet. Looks like all those years as starving artists in the music industry finally paid off.

Need a Shopify experience with some oomph?