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The public broadcasting titan future-proofs their ecosystem.


PBS embraces new technology systems to update their current and future properties.

  • Web design strategy
  • UX design
  • Design systems
  • Full-stack development
  • Technical architecture
Modernizing decades of docs

Legacy brands like PBS typically come to us with a legacy ecosystem. They have loads of web properties built at different times and with different programs. At some point, someone says, “We should really do something about this.”

But updating dozens of websites feels too massive to tackle. So they call in the experts. That’s us. The Ken Burns library of documentary sites spanned decades of work and evolving levels of digital maturity. PBS thought they needed to redesign everything, but Paper Tiger had a better idea.

We pitched a brandable, scalable component design system, and their internal dev team dug it. Paper Tiger wireframed and coded a full-stack frontend experience for over 30 websites, ensuring design elements were templated for each film to layer their brand on top.


Now, PBS is equipped to spin up branded microsites for every program. Their digital ecosystem delights members with a diversity of relevant content for each audience — and engages the next generation of viewers like you.


Building cohesive audience experiences

Visiting a PBS website should feel like watching the program. So when handling different rich media formats, we present each according to the director’s vision, creating brand consistency across the show and its media galleries.


PBS gives viewers what they want.

PBS can tailor each subnav to the actions a program’s viewership wants to take, from going behind the scenes and reading archival documents to exploring related content and shopping for merch.


Digital transformation secures PBS’s legacy.

PBS is huge and inherited technical hurdles we had to overcome together. Paper Tiger replaced some real clunkers in terms of browser and accessibility testing programs, which are super important for a publicly funded org. And we ported their UI design system from Sketch to Figma for greater reliability.

Plugging in to multiplatform success

We also engineered a plugin to interface the CMS with PBS’s media manager, so their devs can easily pull video, images, and audio into any site, and members can access all their content. Our design systems are so effective, PBS is applying them to their general audience platform, enhancing websites for shows like Call the Midwife.

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