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A bingeable marketing machine for the video solutions leader


LTN wins with a video-forward experience, capturing TV titans' eyeballs — and accounts.

  • Brand identity design
  • Creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • UX/UI design
  • Full-stack development
  • Brand & web copywriting
Rapid-growth mode. Whoa.

The business strategy is plowing ahead, and the brand strategy is sprinting to catch up. Midsize companies on the road to market integration know what we’re talking about.

LTN came to us after acquiring three companies in the broadcast technology space. Within months, their offering had quadrupled, along with their marketing targets. Very main character energy.

They needed a design reboot and messaging strategy that could position their integrated solution to the biggest media companies in the world — while keeping ahead of market evolution and LTN’s continued growth. Challenge accepted.

Paper Tiger delivered a brand expansion, website, and marketing collateral under a global brand identity, equipping the LTN marketing team to execute full-funnel initiatives and generate warm leads for sales.


We landed on a tech-forward B2B brand experience that looks like an Emmy winner and serves as a powerful demand gen hub. Fade to black. Roll credits. Applause.


Branding for the pilot, spinoff, and reboot

LTN architected its new brand into four pillars, each offering products and services that make up the integrated ecosystem. We were tasked with visually representing the divisions that structure the brand — while sending stronger design signals to unify all the elements.

High-def logo

We started with the logo. A weighty, horizontal font signifies LTN’s heavy-duty ops and the speed of their multicast transmission. The logo occupies a notched rectangular shape, hinting at a double-headed arrow — one that accelerates innovation wherever buyers enter the video value chain.

Systems on air

The notched box became a primary shape in the brand system. We also embraced the ring to suggest global interconnectivity and visualize the flexible solutions the LTN Ecosystem enables.

We used the shapes and colors as tools to create icons for every offering in the ecosystem, streamlined by the rounded corners from the logo and united by a tapered arc feature.

Paper Tiger combined all branding elements into a robust component system we used to build out the web design — a system we still use to accelerate ongoing updates and showcase audiences consuming content across platforms, devices, and continents.

A grid of brand icons designed for all of LTN's services. Each one is a bright color and includes a gradient.

Now in color

When it came to color palette, we drew inspiration from TV test cards, evoking both the feeling before your favorite program starts and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into bringing stories to screens across the globe. The color range and brightness help LTN stand out in a competitive field of buttoned-up branding on mute.

A flat screen TV showing a colorful test screen. Below are a series of colors and gradients we created for LTN that uses this test screen as inspiration.

LTN looks the part and gets cast as the heartthrob. Bazinga.

Even though their customers’ end-product is broadcast-quality content, LTN had very little video on their old site. Paper Tiger changed that. Working closely with LTN’s video production team, we centered video on the homepage and made it our hero across all key pages.

LTN content keeps users tuned in and yada yada yada converts them.

We crafted a messaging strategy to unify LTN’s pillars and simplify their complex value proposition, refocusing on the value their solutions drive throughout the video chain and experientially connecting that value with end-user content consumption and engagement.

Concepting LTN’s “Win the future of video” campaign, we gave aspirational voice to their go-to-market strategy and wrote copy for their homepage and core solution pages. Paper Tiger architected pathways to conversion points and activated search engine optimization to boost qualified traffic.


Website visitors, will you accept this rose?

In close partnership with LTN marketers, Paper Tiger designed assets to keep feeding the revenue machine, from campaign landing pages, white papers, and guides to case studies, sell sheets, and sales decks.

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