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The real estate investment and development firm launches in luxury


KAR Properties moves on up to a deluxe website that captures the constant motion of urban real estate

  • Information architecture
  • Creative direction
  • UI design
  • Prototyping
  • UX design
  • Interactive implementation
Laying a strong foundation

You know those buildings that get you to stop and look up? The kind that reframe the skyline and make you think, “If I lived there, I’d always be happy.”

Yeah, that’s what KAR does. They bring together visionary architects, interior designers, and finance specialists to develop properties that give occupants the good life — and deliver market-beating returns to investors.

KAR’s business was built on reputation and relationships, but the time had come to demolish the old landing page and develop a digital property as grand as their projects. Like other aesthetic firms, they chose Paper Tiger to carry their discernment online.

And we didn’t disappoint. We built a video-forward site that operates at the nexus of architectural design and financial professionalism.


With better interactive real estate, KAR finally has the square footage and finishings to digitize their success stories. The website champions their properties, platforms their partners, and targets luxury developers, for an experience that takes visitors up to the penthouse.


Animating the jetsetter lifestyle

We designed an ambitious experience that feels like entering an opulent condo or office. The garage door lifts as you pull into a clean industrial space. Then the elevator opens and the vertical blinds rotate to reveal breathtaking city views. Walk along the extensive walls and take in the horizontally curated galleries. It’s a whole vibe.

Want a web experience that mirrors your client experience?