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Pursuing the excellence of landscape architecture.


McBride goes high-concept with a brand experience that embodies their atmospheric destinations.

  • Brand identity design
  • UX/UI design
  • Interaction design
  • Content design
  • Interactive implementation
  • Full-stack development
Who do global designers call for their design work?

When your business is killing it, it’s easy to keep it cozy with a website telling stories you’ve outgrown. After all, it doesn’t hold you back … until it does.

The McBride Company is an architectural design firm that creates branded hospitality experiences, from trailblazing cannabis retail spaces to Margaritaville’s global empire. Their client roster is total goals.

The problem was, their website showcased older projects without featuring their inimitable approach or talent. They were doing so much more, and who they were had evolved.

In need of an identity and website overhaul, McBride came to Paper Tiger with untold successes and a plan to restructure and reposition their brand. In other words, our idea of fun.


Our designers went crazy with this one, and the award-winning result is cool AF. Adding a brand family design and mind-blowing site to their portfolio, The McBride Company is all set to design the future of leisure.

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