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A smarter digital home for the premium smart home solution


Crestron launched a website as sumptuous as the houses of their high-net-worth target.

  • Creative direction
  • UX/UI design
  • Information architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Content strategy
  • Responsive web development
Putting the art back in “state of the art”

Raise your hand if you’re a tech company whose website doesn’t look as awesome-sauce as your product? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Crestron Home could relate. After redesigning their smart home operating system and relaunching a gorgeous app, Crestron knew it was time to smarten and renovate their website. So they called Paper Tiger, web design experts and smart-home-pun aficionados.

Aligning the web experience to the Crestron Home interface — and sprinkling in that tingly feeling of inhabiting smart spaces — we executed a design strategy targeting the owners and developers of luxury homes, hotels, and yachts.


The result is a luxurious, scalable digital experience that drives app downloads, directs users to product pages, and makes visitors feel right at home. Crestron, play “Relaunch playlist.” We’re about to party.


Visualizing a tech product doesn’t have to feel so stupid.

Inspired by beautiful app design and equipped with stunning images, we got to work art directing visual assets, uniting product shots with representations of the environments the product enables.


We’re like the smart home architects of the internet.

Other than a brand typeface, Crestron Home had not yet developed design systems. So we went all-systems-go on them.

Paper Tiger devised a scattered grid system to create a welcoming, architectural flow down every page.

We also built a modular component system, nestling each content type into homelike blocks that empower the Crestron team to streamline future content updates.


Sales funnels as full
as a self-whirling spa

On top of crafting opportunities to present property use cases and deliver brand messaging, we architected pathways to sell each device in Crestron’s residential automation ecosystem (that’s fancy talk for “smart home stuff.”)

Ready for a smarter website?